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So, despite our hope that we'd have the apartment ready for our guests, Kat's and my apartment warming party ended up being more of a help-us-move-in-and-construct-furniture party...sorry guys D:

On the bright side as of yesterday we now have:
-a sofa bed
-a nice tv
-a tv stand
-shower curtains
-a bath mat
-a shoe rack
-an office chair
-a router

The apartment is finally starting to feel like an actual living space now as opposed to a storage room for empty cardboard boxes.Guh, so excited to be living here for the next year. Hopefully people will be free to come visit us now that we don't have to deal with stupid NYU regulations and actually have proper guest accommodations (okay, sure, it's just the sofa bed, but it's still a real bed). Yes, this is an open invitation you guys. I expect to see you here. NANCY I AM SO LOOKING AT YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS SAY YOU'LL SEE ME AND THEN YOU POOF AND THERE'S NO NANCY-APPLE AND I'M LIKE WUT I MADE THIS SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME DINNER FOR YOU AND WE WERE GOING TO DO AWESOME THINGS AND THEN NO, NO NANCY AND THEN I AM SAD AND FULL OF AWW AND YOU NEED TO BE HERE. Ahem.

The get together was also nice because I met James for the first time and he is awesome and I am planning to steal him back for future visits (hope that's okay with you, James >> ).

Also, it reminded me that I need to get a start on making a campaign for Grimm so we can have tabletop gaming fun for the year. Basically, I'm hoping that I can have something ready for maybe middle to end of September. The group's going to be Ben, Nancy, and Kat for sure (?), but I think having 1-2 more players would be fine too. So, uhm, if you want to come to NYC every other weekend for gaming or want to play with us via skype, let me know? I will work something out.

Cake of Awesome

For all those who missed Brendan's birthday party and are easily amused:
usullusa and I made a fantastic strawberry cake for the occasion if I may say so myself >>. While no one thought to get a picture of the completed thing, I do have a picture of the design that went on top of it:Are you still there? I see you! Collapse )
Yes, it's a portal reference.

Working hard pays off!

So, my mom went to have mouth surgery today and by chance the oral surgeon she happened to see was the father of the kid I tutored [read: made sure he did his homework] in high school. At the time I needed my wisdom teeth out and he waved the fee for the anesthetic entirely as a favor to us for looking after his son.

But apparently his generosity knows no bounds.

Today he asked my mom if she had health insurance. She said no. Then he proceeded to tell her that the entire operation was on the house since I helped  his son.

But he wasn't done yet.

He also offered my mom a job in office management starting Monday morning.

She accepted.



Things that happened today:

-made delicious pancakes with Kat

-ate lunch with Clara

-bought a present for my cousin Alex's 13th birthday (tomorrow!)

-impromptu dark heresy scheming

- finished reading "Nuer Religion" for my Anthropology of Religion class

-created a stable, interesting topic for the essay on "Nuer Religion" (none written yet)

-unexpected set off(s) into several bouts of hysterics, hyperventilating, crying, and inexplicable physical pain

-missed self-imposed bedtime


Your daily dose of depressing

"Derrick Martin, whose school (unlike Constance McMillen's) will allow him to take his boyfriend to prom, has been kicked out of the house by his parents "because of the media attention." " -- http://jezebel.com/5501252/gay-teen-can-go-to-prom-but-he-cant-go-home

World, why must you continue to sicken me?

Happy Birthday Kat!!

You're all far away in California-land (which can go hang with Hawaii >> ) so I won't be able to ambush you during the day to tell you how awesome you are D:

But I thought I might be able to give it a try here, hm?

Warning: excessive inside jokes ahead

20 years—and 20 things we’re friends because ofCollapse )

Random Weekend Adventures

Over the weekend I visited Liz at Cornell and before I say anything about the awesome time I had, I have to say: the people there are apparently descended from abominable snowmen or something because when I walked around wearing gloves and a scarf people stopped to stare at me as though it being 30 degrees out was bathing suit weather. Some of them were wearing short-shorts. What the hell, people of Ithaca, what the hell.

Yeah.....aside of that the trip was pretty fantastic. I got to see Liz (yay!) and we played this game called "Folklore" in which you play two characters who have discovered the entrance to the netherworld in a small town where there's been a rash of murders. You end up attempting to solve the murders by traveling through the underworld, which is comprised of several different worlds each based on a different mythology, to find the victims and reveal what happened 17 years ago. Most of the game play involves forcibly ripping the souls out of faeries/monsters and forcing them to do your bidding. Violent? Yes. Extremely satisfying? Oh yes.

Also, Liz has a couch which can put me to sleep in thirty seconds flat. That thing is deadly. I got absolutely no work done when I was anywhere near it. Beware the couch.....
So, in preparation for my mom coming over on Thursday night  to go see Fuerzabruta with me I spent all of Wednesday's snowday cooking for her. I made these little courgette balls and chicken a la king and according to her it was pretty delicious, which made me happy. As for the show, it was fantastic. When it was over we came back to my dorm and had tea, cheesecake, and mallomars with Kat. Then watched Ironman. Which my mom couldn't stop raving about because she thought it was so cool.

Yeah. Last night was pretty great.

This morning my alarm goes off at 9:20am and I lean over to where my mom's sleeping on a mattress on the floor and tell her that she has to get up now to make the 10:07am train home. She tells me to just turn off the alarm and she'll leave sometime later in the day. No specific time. So I turn it off and go back to sleep.

At some point while I'm sleeping my phone goes off again. So I sleepily answer it and it's....my mom? I sit up in bed and realize my mom isn't in the room with me. And her mattress and stuff is all put away. And my mom is on the phone telling me that I have to go downstairs and sign her out. And while I'm sleepily saying "What? Why did you go downstairs? You know I have to sign you out. Why didn't you wake me up?" she hands me over to the security guard on duty who tells me to "just come down and sign your mother out" before hanging up on me. So I stare at the phone for a second and call her back and tell her to just come upstairs for a few minutes, because I'm not coming down in my pjs and retainer. And mom's like "no one cares if you're wearing pjs, just come" and then hands me to the building manager who tells me to just come down barefoot because no one cares. Mom hangs up.

Well, I was pretty confused...and then I was upset. Seriously? My mom's going to try sneak out while I'm asleep and then demand I come down in a horrible state? Sorry, I don't greet other people with no bra on, hair tousled, retainer in, and barefoot. I'm not going to feel like I'm on display because of one of her whims. So I get dressed and take my retainer out and go downstairs. Only to find that....my mom isn't there.

But three of the building managers/security guards are.

And then I get subject to a lecture by the building manager about how my mom called me 7 minutes ago and how if I knew I was going to oversleep and miss signing my mom out when she had to leave for her train to get there on time I should have just signed her out last night and let her leave at her leisure. And that my mom is the guest here and I should know the rules and be prepared to follow them. And that they let her go or she'd have missed her train. Oh, but when I tried to protest that I didn't know she was trying to leave to catch a train (remember how she didn't give me a set time, she just said "later"?) the building manager just shook her head and was like no, she said that she had to go and she tried to wake you up but you wouldn't wake up. Seriously, lady? You weren't even there. Anyway, so she ends up telling me off for five minutes while the security guard and other people stare on and then I have to sign her out officially. 

So yes, while my mom can sneak out and cause a fuss and escape and leave me for the consequences I don't even get to protest her claims. I just have to live seeing these people who think I'm irresponsible and a liar for the rest of the semester. That's all.

Oh. And right before the building manager leaves she turns to me and is like "Don't be upset at your mother", clearly insinuating that I'm entirely to blame. Yeah. Great.

By this point I'm really kind of out of it. I shamble upstairs and call my mom in my room and ask her what the hell she was thinking. Her response?

"You're not really upset about this are you?" In her most condescending voice.

Thanks mom. Well, next time time starts sweetening up the idea of me spending time with her again, someone do me a favor and remind me of this. Because I swear, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. aksdjfaksjdfkajsdfkasjdfaksjdfkajs

Do not stop. Proceed directly to link.

I know I just posted but Aah! Aah! This is so cool! All of you-- go, go now:


A professor at NYU basically wants to collect:

"Stories that radically revise stereotypes of "bad women" in the Bible, in myth and in fairy-tales. Stories that aren't afraid to be literary, transgressive, dark, and sexy. Think: Lilith, Medea, the Wicked Stepmother, the Evil Witch, Pandora, Eve, crones, sibyls, fates, muses. Contemporary adaptations are fine... The spine: We begin to see these women through another lens."

So drop what you're doing and get to it!
So! Spring semester is gearing up to be tons of fun (and work, but that can be fun too sometimes)! I've become more proactive in getting my work done and Japanese is actually ....easing up? I think it's because the longer I'm exposed to a language the easier it seems to get. In any event, it's awesome.

Despite what the affectionate nickname my roomie came up for me would tell you, I am not a "gourmet chef". But that will soon change! At least a little. I'm on the look out for a good cook book and I'm willing to spend the money to actually try most of the recipes. I'm thinking either something to do with French cuisine or Japanese. Greek is out because I can easily learn that at home. Also, I want to splurge on a dessert book too. Only good things can come from trying to make new desserts >>
Art improvement is slow, but noticeable! It just all ends up in my notes instead of my sketchbook so it's hard to track accurately. Also, it seems like Kat, Jen, and I are going to end up renting a place in NYC over the summer, in which case I'm thinking of taking two or so courses per summer session. I'll probably also end up taking an art class if that's the case since I never really realized how much I loved painting until I couldn't anymore. It's hard setting up without an easel and getting anything done but I can't bring myself to stop wanting to.

I admit, I've let my writing comm. duties slide, but hopefully I'll have something to post in the next week or so. I'm just so busy! This weekend it's Nancy's bday (whoo!), next Thursday I'm going to a show with my mom and the day after I'm packing up to go to DC for a weekend of museum-hopping and visiting Stephen. The week after that I'm visiting Liz from Thursday to Sunday and (possibly) the next weekend I'm going to see David in PA. So yeah... I kind of don't really have a lot of free time to write. Although it seems like I always have time for Dark Heresy? *shifty eyes*

Actually, one of my new resolutions is to be productive with my free time. I love reading and keeping up with various writers I like, feminist blogs, and  the Consumerist, but there are better things I could be doing (or at least when it comes down to reading the comments posted on the articles instead of reading new articles).

So yeah, that's what's up with me! I have funds to travel a lot this semester (as you can guess) so if you want me to come visit you just message me and we can set up some kind of date. Feel free to also send me any fun art memes you come across-- I'm in the middle of one right now, but I want to improve so I'm trying to collect as many good ones as I can for future use.

P.S: My Anthropology of Religion teacher is actually Mad Eye Moody. That is all.