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So, despite our hope that we'd have the apartment ready for our guests, Kat's and my apartment warming party ended up being more of a help-us-move-in-and-construct-furniture party...sorry guys D:

On the bright side as of yesterday we now have:
-a sofa bed
-a nice tv
-a tv stand
-shower curtains
-a bath mat
-a shoe rack
-an office chair
-a router

The apartment is finally starting to feel like an actual living space now as opposed to a storage room for empty cardboard boxes.Guh, so excited to be living here for the next year. Hopefully people will be free to come visit us now that we don't have to deal with stupid NYU regulations and actually have proper guest accommodations (okay, sure, it's just the sofa bed, but it's still a real bed). Yes, this is an open invitation you guys. I expect to see you here. NANCY I AM SO LOOKING AT YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS SAY YOU'LL SEE ME AND THEN YOU POOF AND THERE'S NO NANCY-APPLE AND I'M LIKE WUT I MADE THIS SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME DINNER FOR YOU AND WE WERE GOING TO DO AWESOME THINGS AND THEN NO, NO NANCY AND THEN I AM SAD AND FULL OF AWW AND YOU NEED TO BE HERE. Ahem.

The get together was also nice because I met James for the first time and he is awesome and I am planning to steal him back for future visits (hope that's okay with you, James >> ).

Also, it reminded me that I need to get a start on making a campaign for Grimm so we can have tabletop gaming fun for the year. Basically, I'm hoping that I can have something ready for maybe middle to end of September. The group's going to be Ben, Nancy, and Kat for sure (?), but I think having 1-2 more players would be fine too. So, uhm, if you want to come to NYC every other weekend for gaming or want to play with us via skype, let me know? I will work something out.


Feb. 17th, 2013 10:58 am (UTC)
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