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Happy Birthday Kat!!

You're all far away in California-land (which can go hang with Hawaii >> ) so I won't be able to ambush you during the day to tell you how awesome you are D:

But I thought I might be able to give it a try here, hm?

Warning: excessive inside jokes ahead

1.       Tea

Tea is for all the times we’ve stayed up late to talk when we have school in the morning, for all the times we’ve spoken over cookies and crackers, and for all the times I’ve wanted an excuse to spend time with you.

2.       Chocolate

Milk chocolate is superior to dark chocolate. (Just kidding—>> don’t kill me)

3.       Book swapping

This is for books and book swapping. For stumbling over the words in my head as I read so I can push the book into your hands and for quoting our favorite lines to each other, insensible and out of context, just to hear each other laugh.

4.       Vinny the Pooh

Silly, adorable, and aggressive—but in an oddly charming way. He seems to remind me of someone…

5.       Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is for the beginning of our friendship itself. For beating the biolizard in turns, screaming with joy, and going to the beach and hiding crinkled, fought-over comics under our pillows at night. For all the times we’ve said ALL HAIL SHADOW and for our lasting fixation with antiheroes.

6.       Raincove

Can you fly upside-down on the back of a dragon through the clouds under the ocean? I didn’t think so.

7.       Iarris/Ryile

They may not be the first RP characters we’ve made but they’re certainly the children of our heart. Iarris/Ryile is for furtively writing scenes for each other in math class and the library and for keeping carefully folded bundles of exchanged notes in our bags.

8.       Ironman

The much anticipated leap into comics from manga. Tortured in all the right ways, Tony Stark makes you feel… he’s a cool exec with a heart of steel….

9.       The Lake

F is for friends who fuck. Rhinoing! Mike hiding under striped beach towels. Evening walks through the firefly-lit woods. Finding raspberries in the brambles. Deciding once and for all who is Austria and who is Hungary.


10.   Scrap booking

Scrapbooking is for believing we’d do something normal and ending up dedicating pages to Vincent Valentine and Sora/Riku. For trying to take over the world with chickens and ending up being sidetracked by bizarre playground happenings. One day we’re going to make more pages…

11.    RO

I BRING MVPS TO THEIR KNEES. EVERY MOTHERFUCKER WANNA PVP WITH ME! RO is for wandering around Geffen fields killing poporings and chasing Antonios through the snow. For running around Niffelheim as an archer and aco and fwinging ourselves to death and being resurrected by kind priests at the cross. For hunting seals for exp on the beach. For Ancient Berserkers. Morroc. The clock tower. Hide and go seek in Al De. Alex. Karaoke guild night on Vent. Lines. Psand… for almost six good years of having each other’s backs and finding a way to escape Hopkins stress together.

12.   Hopkins

There was stress. There were tears. Too many hours of homework…but there was also the lunch table where BEN WAS NOT MASTURBATING and making all of the friends that help us take physics to avoid IT. There were all the things we’ve written in yearbooks gone by (which prove themselves truer year after year) and made us who we are in a way. There was also Harlow, Melchinger, and Casanova—Napoleon reborn. Mr. Gardener and his obsession with strait jackets and Morocco. Your fugly orange hat and your green coat. Your first series of haircuts and your red hair. The Christmas tree we’d decorate every year….

13.   Painting

Even though painting more or less entailed getting more paint on us than on the canvas, it was still pretty awesome.  I remember us facing off in a game of silence in the car on the way back home and your dad laughing and telling us to play this game more often and I remember Vlad the Lad eating yellow paint which contains cadmium which, in the state of California, is known to cause cancer. I remember you growing bored of your canvas and coming over to paint on me instead and I remember going out to eat at Chilies afterwards where you introduced me to the delights of the molten chocolate cake.

14.   Baking

Pineapple upside-down cake seems to be our drug of choice these days. That or m&m cookies. I think we ought to make both again and decide. Mmm, oh yes….

15.   Dirge of Cerberus

I think what I like best about the game was everything but the gameplay itself. I liked how we’d sit around after a session of gaming and try piece together what we knew of FF7 to fit what we’d just found out. How we’d inevitably have to elaborate to try have it make sense. The story we never wrote but oft talked about. And Genesis/Gackt. Redeeeeemption!!! Even dedicating a page in our scrapbook was amazing. We need to finish Crisis Core so the party doesn’t stop, oh~

16.   Kingdom Hearts

Endsilver. If heartless/nobodies ever made sense then we were the people who understood why. From keeping us in fandom to having contests with Ben over who could beat a game first (us with Kingdom Hearts and him with Neverwinter Nights) everything about the game brings back fond memories. Truly, this was a celebration of the gaming origins of our friendship. I’ve always meant to thank you for introducing me to the game since I had foolishly written it off before ever trying it. Your sixth sense for these things never ceases to amaze me.

17.   Sleepover Madness

Sleepovers are for waiting for the clock to turn to the next minute so I could giggle and hastily write down the last “witty” thing you said. Sleepovers are for laughing nonstop until your lungs burn but not being able to remember what was so funny when you woke up the next afternoon. Sleepovers are for the delicious breakfasts your mom makes, for puttering around the house while it’s empty and talking about nothing and everything, and for watching Disney movies for the twelfth time.  If our lives were told in a series of sleepover flashbacks I’m sure it would explain every inside joke of ours, ever.

18.   Pokémon

Do you remember when having a Charizard meant everyone would crane over the back of their bus seat to try convince you to trade with them? How when the time-sensitive Pokémon games came out you’d see everyone staying up late or frantically trying to catch Pokémon on the bus ride to school while it was still “morning”? Pokémon is for suddenly breaking out into renditions of “brother, my brother…” and, well, you know, “they don’t understand, how we communicate…” For watching all of the movies and buying DSs so we could spring out and ambush each other in the hallways while generating our own battle music and loudly challenging each other to duels. For always knowing that we’re so cool because coolness is enjoying your inner geek and refusing to be mature. Duh.

19.   Fae

Fae more in terms of folklore and the otherworldly. Fae is for bordertown and Dawn. For Neil Gaiman, Amy Brown, and Holly Black. Senior projects that got us out of math and into the world at the bottom of the garden. Fae is for the fascinating but dangerous spaces in-between and storytelling itself.

20.   The most purely awesome and amazing YOU

This is the most important reason we’re friends—because of you. I like to think that I know you pretty well; we’ve gone to the same elementary school, middle school, high school, and now college. How long has it been? Ten years? Eleven? We aren’t the people we were then, but in all the ways we’ve changed we’ve changed together. Become better friends. I’ve had the chance to see your strengths and your brilliance grow. You’ve always been there for me when I’ve needed someone, whether it was because I was having a breakdown about my future or because I was merely having a bad day. You always have something clever to say, something to make me laugh even when a second before I’d been frowning. I want to take a moment to say that if there was ever someone who deserved everything they’ve wanted after it’s you. And it’s not a wish or chance or fate that’s going to bring you there—you’re going to pull yourself into your dreams through sheer determination. You’re the single most driven person I know. Sometimes I think you’re even the most alive person I’ve ever met—when you want, you want. All of your dreams take on a depth and clarity that most people’s everyday lives don’t have. I think people can sense that about you and I know that I’ve always admired it. So for your 20th, I just wanted to say: dream big.  Your whole life’s before you and if this is the kind of amazing person you’ve made yourself in so short a time imagine how much more there is for you out there. And however you change and shine you’re always going to have that spark that draws other people to you that makes you really, truly, one of the most fantastic people there can be.


Mar. 13th, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
I love you. I mean, really. You are the most amazing friend ever.

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