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Not so sound constitution

Well, what with getting somewhere between 3.5 and 4 hours of sleep, having 6 hours of class straight, finding out that the bursar's office dropped me from all of my classes, and then taking desperate steps to remedy that it's certainly been an exciting day for me. I probably ought to be doing homework right now but just I don't have the energy.  I think my best bet at this point is just is to go to bed at about 10pm and get up at 8am tomorrow to get everything done. Bah.

Can I go back to NY yet?

So having my cousins over for break has already started to make my life unpleasant, albeit in different ways than I expected. There's been less of the terrifying psychological warfare among Johnathan, Matthew, Jenna, my brother, and me than I expected. We all seem to ignore each other more or less.

But other fun! family dynamics have taken its place.

With my cousins more or less ignoring everyone that only leaves my mom, papa, aunt, uncle, and brother open for socializing and conversation. My brother has his girlfriend over and the two of them are more or less attached at the hip. They coo and whisper and make horrible little puppy noises at each other when they make out and generally only have eyes for one another. I'm more than happy to avoid them. But then papa is preoccupied with talking to my uncle (his brother) and my mom more or less dominates the conversation with my aunt and that leaves me quite firmly out of any and all conversations.

Every time I try to interject or join in the conversation my aunt or uncle will kind of flicker their eyes in my direction (if they feel particularly generous), pause, and then reply to whatever my parents said as though I had said nothing at all and they were only taking a moment to gather their thoughts. My parents quite happily go along with this. I only get addressed if I ask a direct question that cannot either be ignored or answered in a gesture.

Which is frustrating, since when I am alone with my parents we are capable of having meaningful conversations for hours at a time but once we have guests it seems that I should shut up and stay out of the way. I have to say they're treating me like a child again because they are certainly not treating me like an adult. Sorry, parents, you can't encourage me to speak my mind and be independent and then expect me to be seen and not heard when we have family around because, gosh, what will they think? It's not even like they want me out of the house--- they seem to desperately want me here but while I'm here they don't want me to draw attention to myself in any way.

Hopefully, things will improve. If they don't I'm going to capitalize on their apparent willingness to ignore whatever I do and start tapdancing through the kitchen dressed like a cat. Might as well take advantage of the situation for hijinx if nothing else.

I had an exciting day...

Me: I beat Kat with a pillow
Me: for half an hour
Alex: YES
Me: to get her out of bed
Alex: OMG Me: and then I tried to
Me: steal her sock
Me: and she lost it
Me: and then I beat her
Me: some more
Alex: YES
Alex: te amo mami <3

With friends like these, you don't need enemies Kat >>


Last night Kat, Jen, and I decided to make another pineapple upside-down cake. Halfway through stirring the batter Kat realized she had made a terrible mistake-- she added the eggs before they were called for and now we had to start over. Jen and I immediately pounced on her for some good old fashion ridiculing and Kat upped the ante by locking herself in her room and refusing to come out. Of course, instead of talking to one another, the only logical thing to do was to pass sticky notes under the door.

The following conversation ensued:
angry post-its hereCollapse )

When the baking was all said and done Kat's roommates remarked that you could feel the love that went into making the cake.

Love indeed.

Two posts in one day? The world is ending.

Fair warning, this entire post is going to be about my hair. Yes, my hair. I was musing over some incidences over the last year and have come to the conclusion that people know and recognize me by my hair alone.

The evidence:

- I dropped off some cookies at my RA's room earlier today while she wasn't in. Her roommate took the cookies and put them aside for her when she got back but couldn't remember my name when my RA asked who had left them. Instead, she said "the girl with the hair" and my RA instantly said "Oh, Stephanie."

- Ben was talking about his friends to his girlfriend when he happened to mention my name. Just my first name, no last name, no other identifying markers when his girlfriend immediately stopped him and said "Stephanie?......really tall.....lots of hair? She was in my 8:00am recitation last semester." THERE MUST BE HUNDREDS OF STEPHANIES AT NYU. HOW DID SHE KNOW?

- Last year I used to have conversations with the boy who lived across the hall from me at least 2-3 times a week. One cold winter day I was downstairs doing laundry with all of my hair bundled up and hidden in a woolly hat (since I had just come in from outside and was rather cold even in the building) and proceeded to greet him when he too came down to do laundry. He seemed rather weirded out by my addressing him, but I shrugged it off as an oddity. After a 10 minute conversation in the laundry room he suddenly gasped and wondered, slightly amazed, "Stephanie??" apparently having not known who I was the entire time we were downstairs. When I asked him why he didn't recognize me he said "I dunno, I guess because I couldn't see your hair."

The conclusion:

If I ever get a haircut no one will believe me when I say who I am. Even my friends. Perhaps this should be my plan if any of my nefarious schemes go awry and I need to take on a new identity.

And the odd thing is I don't even understand why my hair is so remarkable. It's brown and slightly curly. How are either of things things unusual enough to become my sole identifying marker? Seriously.


Fail of the day

My roommate happened to leave a copy of "Time Out New York" on the table today so I decided to flip through it while I had dinner. On the inside cover they had various interest sections and a list of articles features in them. Under "Gay and Lesbian" the only article listed was "Check out where we'll be for World AIDS day!" because, obviously, only gay and lesbian people have/care about AIDS.

Fail, Time Out New York, fail.



So, as of now I've done about eight hours of homework today. This has only gotten one biology assignment done and notes and studying for chapters 1-5. I have six more chapters to take notes on and know perfectly before Friday, which seems possible except that each of the upcoming chapters are twice the length of the previous ones and are on things I am far less certain about. Also, one more biology assignment of certain death to complete before the end of tomorrow. As well as a lab. And lab quiz.

On top of this absurd midterm studying crunch is the unrelenting strain of Japanese. When else would we be asked to memorize thirteen verbs for the next day? Oh yes, when I'm frantically trying to maintain a hundred pages of bio text every night. That's when.

Suffice to say I feel quite exhausted and thinking about the rest of the week is going to make me jump out the window.

Furthermore going home for the weekend was one of the worst things I could have done- I could have started a day early on the bio studying and my mood has taken a turn for the worse after my mom assured me that I "look fine the way I am now, but wouldn't it be nice if this was the heaviest [I] ever weighed instead of the lightest?". Thanks mom. As if I don't know what that means. She also refused to spend time with me and what little time I did get was devoted to her telling me what my own life plans should be and if I disagreed it was the fault of all my horrible friends who don't want me to succeed. Naturally. That's why I'm friends with them. Because they want to bring me down. My brother also buggered off to god knows where sometime early Saturday morning so I didn't have any other company except for the cats. I'm in no hurry to go back anytime soon.

I feel like I need something to look forward to on the weekend to keep me going or I'm going to scream and beat my head against the desk until I stop.

So much to do and so little time

I have a veritable armful of books to get through (most of which were given to me for my birthday, which I still fully intend on recounting at some point) and I know I'll have no peace of mind until I've read my way through everything.

Books I have and intend to readCollapse )

I also owe several people stories (Kat and Clara, you shall have your tales, I swear it). But in spite of all the things I have to read and write I still have a list of books I still want. Why? Because I'm a shameless book whore. That's why.
Books I intend to buy and readCollapse )

Does anyone have any other reading suggestions for me? >>

This and that...

I feel like if I don't write this all down somewhere then I'll lose track of everything that's in my head at the moment. How did things add up so quickly?

List of things to doCollapse )

Hmm... I've also got a few personal projects floating around that I should attend to too. (cough writing, cough cough drawing)
>> I'll get right on those now.

Aches and Pains

I've been angrier in the last four weeks than I've been in the year leading up to them and apparently my body isn't going to stand for it anymore. I've started getting these muscle spasms in my chest over my heart that start and stop and random times and when I get really upset my heart starts beating strangely. Not like too quickly strangely- just like it's beating to a different tune and it kind of scares me.
My chest also starts hurting and my shoulder and neck muscles seize up.

Suffice to say I am displeased since I've never really felt this way when I've gotten upset before. I'll make note of it to tell my doctor on my next check up (thank you Kat) and I'm sure it's nothing but it's still kind of unfortunate. At least my stress levels should be dropping in the next few months (strange to say since most people get more stressed for school) but being away from my family does wonders for my temperment. Hopefully now that I'm removed from my source of anguish I'll be in better shape.